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The 12 comedy actors appearing in Doctor Who



Does anyone knows if Osgood is Kate Stewart’s daughter? Because I swear that I heard Osgood call Kate “mom” when she gave her the Phone

I think it was more “Ma’am”, but I’m totally headcanoning that Kate is like a den mother to the whole of UNIT and reminds the troops to wrap up warm and make sure they’ve had a big breakfast before they go out fighting Cybermen.

Make Osgood the next Companion!


With Jenna-Louise Coleman possibly leaving the show at Christmas, the Doctor will have a vacancy! This is the official plea to make Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) the next companion.


Why Osgood?

Because she IS the fandom!  Look at her, rocking her 4th Doctor cosplay, staring in awe at the TARDIS, and puffing her inhaler while outwitting Zygons.  Perfection!

She’s clearly smart, and working for U.N.I.T gives her a certain level of knowledge about the universe.  However, travelling with the Doctor could fine tune her prowess and turn her in to the kick-ass woman we all know she has the potential to be!

Doctor has a history of traveling with U.N.I.T scientists (Liz Shaw), and wouldn’t it be fitting that gruff and grumbling Capaldi following in gruff and grumbling Pertwee’s footsteps?  I mean…


In short, please please PLEASE make Osgood the next companion!!



[ So I was gonna go as Clara for Fan Expo, but now I’m thinking Osgood!! Super adorable and I have her outfit from the new series in my closet already! ]

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Watching Day of the Doctor again….

I have a mighty need for Osgood to be a companion!